ADM Memorial Sculpture Garden


The goal of the Ann Davey Masters Memorial project is to provide public art at Vic Thomas Park that will blend into the park’s design. The Ann D. Masters Memorial will represent Ann's enduring committment to the arts, both as the former director of the Art Museum and her dedication to the environment with the Clean Valley Council. Vic Thomas Park is the most recently developed City of Roanoke park and is an addition to the Roanoke Valley Greenway system. Located off Memorial Avenue near Memorial Bridge, it connects to Wasena Park via a new Greenway footbridge. The theme and purpose of Vic Thomas Park is to promote our natural environment with design elements that blend into the ecosystems associated with the Roanoke River. The focus of the park is the creation of an informal space consisting of native trees, riparian friendly grasses, picnicking opportunities, trails, nature observation, unstructured play, and wildflower meadows. Such a perfect and fitting location to honor Ann.


The attached map shows two types of locations: one for a marquee piece, and five other locations for smaller scale sculptures. The more prominent marquee location will be served with a maximum 25’x25’ concrete footprint with the physical dimensions of the sculpture not to exceed 15’ in height. The five (5) smaller locations will be of a scale to be viewed by those walking along the trail and as such would be served by a maximum 8’x8’ concrete footprint with a preferred height between three (3) and six (6) feet tall.


Site Map:



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RFP for artists:

Note: Artists must notify the CVC by phone or email if they download a copy of the RFP from the website and intend to submit a proposal.

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