Earth Summit 2014: E-Waste Exposed

November 20th, 2014


Did you know that each year, approximately 300,000,000 tons of electronics end up in the waste stream as e-waste? What do we do with all this "junk?" Some is recycled, but much of it ends up in landfills or is shipped to other countries. Improper disposal can lead to toxins, such as mercury, lead, zinc and cadmium, leaching into our water and soil. Within electronics are, also, valuable metals such as gold and copper. In order to extract these materials from the e-waste, the plastic parts are often burned, releasing dioxins into the air and water, while leaving behind smoldering toxic ash and tiny bits of valuable metals.


Come to Earth Summit to explore what everyday people can do to help reduce the negative impacts of our e-waste and learn more about the issues from industry professionals!


Schedule (Subject to Change)

8:30-9:10       Registration and Exhibitors (set up throughout the day)

9:15-9:40       Welcome and Introduction

9:50-10:30     Breakout Sessions:  Round 1

10:40-11:20   Breakout Sessions:  Round 2 (students rotate to assigned workshop)

11:30-12:30   Final Session/ Wrap Up

12:30-1:15     Lunch

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