Energy Conservation for Businesses



Conserving energy in a business is not only the environmentally responsible thing to do, it is also a way to cut daily operating costs. Small changes like installing Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs and turning the thermostat down a few degrees are huge energy savers in the long run. Saved energy equates to saved money and reduced pollution emissions.

Click here to find out more: US Small Businesses Administration Energy Efficiency Improvements.



Free Energy Check-ups!


Learn what energy conservation measures will benefit your business the most. Roanoke County and the Roanoke County Community Leaders Environmental Action Roundtable (RC-CLEAR) offer free, two hour technical energy checkups to the general public as a part of their community energy conservation and climate action strategy. The energy checkups will be provided by a certified, independent third party energy auditor. To learn more: Free Business Energy Check-Up


The Clean Valley Council  is pleased to announce it's partnership with Save A Ton, an energy conservation campaign to help people save money on energy use. Not only does this initiative save consumers money, it also helps conserve our natural resources to ensure the lasting beauty of the Roanoke Valley.


Other supporters of Save A Ton include Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition, Community Alliance for Energy Efficiency, Ride Solutions, RC CLEAR, Roanoke County, Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commision, City of Roanoke, and Town of Blacksburg

To learn more about Save A Ton and what you can do to conserve energy, visit


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