Litter Prevention for Businesses



Litter is improperly disposed of waste materials, both manmade and natural. Along US roadways, 51 billion pieces of litter are found per year. Tobacco products account for 38% of this waste, while paper (22%) and plastic (19%) are the other leading contributers to the litter stream. The majority (76%) of this waste is discarded by motorists and pedestrians.



Litter can reduce the value of property by as much as 7% based on public perception. As a business, public perception is a top priority. Businesses surrounded by excessive litter, may also be seen as environmentally irresponsible and can even be fined for not keeping the property litter-free.


Here are a few tips for reducing litter:

1.  Place an adequate number of covered trash receptacles in parking lots and building entrances.

2.  Empty bins on a regular basis to prevent overflow.

3.  Have designated smoking areas for guests and employees and ensure proper cigarette disposal containers.

4.  Encourage employees to take responsibility for cleaning up the litter on the property.

5.  Place only tied trashbags in dumpsters to prevent trash from blowing away. Also, consider a fence to surround dumpster further preventing the trash from becoming litter.

6.  Check your dumpsters regularly to make sure they are not overflowing.

7.  Ensure that the waste removal companies cover the waste and pick up anything that may fall off the load.

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