Trash to Treasure

Students will discuss how reusing and recycling materials can affect the environment. Students will learn creative ways to reuse “trash.” Teachers will choose between two activities – Option one: Using plastic bottles and craft supplies, students will create toys from trash. Option Two: Students will use cereal or other paperboard boxes to make a hard cover for a recycling activity book. Activity sheets and craft items provided. Teachers are responsible for collecting bottles & boxes. Additional adult assistance is needed for Option 1.

Grade: 1st and Lower Elementary.

Science SOLs: K.11, 1.8

Concepts and Vocabulary Introduced

Litter, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Natural Resource, Environment

Equipment Needed: Plastic bottles or cereal boxes, scrap paper, any additional craft materials, i.e. tissue paper, eyes, corks, pipe cleaners, etc. Small Construction Paper. White/Elmers glue (not a glue stick)

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

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