Recycling for Businesses 



For many businesses, beginning a recycling program can seem expensive and intimidating. However, the information below has been gathered to help your business or office start successfully recycling which will positively affect your public relations, the environment, and, of course, your bottom line.


Commercial and industrial waste accounted for 35-45% of total municipal solid waste in 2010. The amount of common office paper and mail that ends up in the waste stream accounts for almost 10,000,000 tons. Much of this is produced by businesses. Recycling reduces the strain on landfills and the environment, as well as decreases the demand for "virgin" materials which place their own negative impact on the environment for their extraction.


For most businesses, the fee for a recycling contractor is less than that of a traditional trash collection fee. Money is saved by decreasing trash pickups and landfill disposal fees. Many programs exist that can help businesses save money on recycling programs, such as EPA's WasteWise program.


More people are becoming concerned about the environmental responsibility of companies which leads to the opportunity, as a business, to improve public relations. Taking the initiative to start a recycling program is a great way to show the public that you share their concerns. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has a helpful website which contains a step-by-step process for businesses wishing to start recycling.

Virginia's Manual on the Business of Recycling




Area Recycling Contractors

Confused where to start? Begin with looking at the contractors listed below which serve the Roanoke and surrounding area.


First Piedmont Corporation

1202 Orange Avenue NE

Roanoke, VA 24014

Phone: (540) 981-2505

Phone: (800) 476-6780

Fax: (540) 342-6106


RDS- Recycling Disposal Solutions

7704 Enon Drive

Roanoke, VA 24019

Phone: (540) 400-6410

Fax: (540) 242-3429


R&R Recycling

1055 Industrial Park Drive

Montvale, VA 24122

Phone:  (540) 947-5003

Fax: (540) 947-5353



Tidy Services

2011 Cook Drive

Salem, VA 24153

Phone: (540) 989-1366


Waste Management

Service Area: Central Business District

1802 Courtland Road NE

Roanoke, VA 24012

Phone: (540) 853-6848

Fax: (540) 510-4360

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