What is litter?

Litter is improperly disposed of waste materials, both man-made and natural. According to Keep America Beautiful, litter within the US being down 61% since 1968. Despite less litter being dumped, clean up cost still average around 11.5 billion dollars per year. Litter can also decrease property values up to 24%. The most common form of litter is tobacco products (38%). Litter contaminates the environment as it collects and spread throughout the watershed.


How You Can Help

Clean Valley Council works within the community and schools to show how litter can degrade the community, how it can affect animals, and how it can produce pollution. We also host two volunteer clean up days annually, Clean Valley Day and Fall Waterways Cleanup.

Litter pickups and clean up programs such as Clean Valley Day, Fall Waterways Clean up,  Adopt-A-Highway, Clean Virginia Waterways, Assign-A-Highway, and other environmental programs offer citizens an opportunity to join together to make their community cleaner.

What can I do when I see someone Litter?

Each Virginia jurisdiction has a litter program manager or contact, and a unique litter program. Some jurisdictions encourage citizens to report litter bugs, heavily littered spots or stretches of road or an illegal dump site.

It takes the commitment of the local police force, judges, and witnesses to convict people of littering.  Therefore, many localities find other ways to combat litter in their jurisdiction.

This can include training ambassadors to do litter outreach in the community, organizing litter pick ups, etc. Contact your local litter program manager to find out what you can do to help prevent litter in your jurisdiction.

Botetourt County:

Public Works Director
County of Botetourt
30 West Back Street, #4
Fincastle, VA 24090
Phone: 540-473-8316
Fax: 540-473-8360

City of Roanoke:

Solid Waste Manager
City of Roanoke
1802 Courtland Road
Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: 540.853.1254
Fax: 540.853.1270

Roanoke County:

Solid Waste Manager
County of Roanoke
1216 Kessler Mill Rd.
Salem, VA 24153
Phone: 540-387-6200
Fax: 540-387-6112

City of Salem:

Director of Solid Waste Management/Recycling Program Manager
City of Salem
P.O. Box 869
Salem, VA 24153
Phone: 540-375-3052
Fax: 540-375-4111

Town of Vinton:

Public Works Director
Town of Vinton
804 S. 3rd Street
Vinton, VA 24179
Phone: 540-983-0646
Fax: 540-985-4582

Additional Resources:

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