Why Worry About Waste?

Almost 13,000,000 tons of municipal solid waste was produced in Virginia in 2010. Of that total, only about 78,000 tons were recycled and 3,000 tons were composted. The rest was placed in landfills or incinerated. However, landfill space is limited. Many landfills, such as the Botetourt County landfill, are closed or quickly reaching capacity. The majority of landfills in VA are due to close within the next 15 years. If we are proactive about diverting waste by recycling and composting (and of course reducing and reusing), we will be able to prolong the life of many of these landfills. After all, once these close, where will we decide to send our waste?

Know your Landfill:

Trash from the City of Roanoke, County of Roanoke, City of Salem and Town of Vinton is transported to the Tinker Creek Transfer station at the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority in Roanoke City. From there it is transported to the Smith Gap Landfill in Catawba.

For more information on the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority click the link below:


We have taken several school groups on landfill field trips. What an experience to see (and smell!) where your trash goes after leaving your household trash can.