Our Sponsors



We would like to take a moment to acknowledge all of our sponsors. Without their kindness, it would be impossible for us to provide information and services to our community. Thank you all!





Bittle Porterfield Foundation


Gerdau Metals

Phone: (540) 981-1211



Phone: (540) 345-3635


Roanoke Cement

Phone: (540) 992-1501


Jefferson Center
Phone: (540) 343-2624

E-mail: info@jeffcenter.org


Roanoke Valley Resource Authority (RVRA)

Phone: (540) 857-5820




Roanoke County

City of Roanoke

City of Salem

Town of Vinton

Botetourt County



Affiliates & Partners


Recycling & Disposal Solutions (RDS)

Phone: (540) 400-6410



Email: info@saveaton.org


Cool Cities Coalition

Phone: (540)387-0930

Email: rvccc@comcast.net

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