Stormwater Management: Car Washes



Wash water from commercial car washes may contain hazardous substances such as: lead, zinc, detergents, oil, grease, lubricants, & many more. If proper Best Management Practices (BMPs) are not in place, this contaminated water may end up in local streams and rivers causing environmental degredation. In most localities, it is illegal to dump this water into the storm drain before treatment.


Here are a few tips to following these regulations:


Floor drains in car wash bays should empty into a sanitary sewer, NOT a storm drain.


Contain and treat soapy water before it enters the sanitary sewer.


Monitor discharged water to make sure it is not reaching the storm drain.


Use a filtering device to trap leaking automobile fluids such as oil and grease.


Purchase non-toxic or the least toxic cleaners available and use phosphorus-free, biodegradable detergents.


Discourage spraying of floors and paved areas.



See below for specific locality regulations!


Roanoke County: Stormwater Management Ordinance


See also: Roanoke County Stormwater Management Design Manual


City of Roanoke: Stormwater Management Ordinance

See also: City of Roanoke Stormwater Management Design Manual


 Town of Vinton: General Permit Registration Statement for Storm Water Discharges








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